News: January 2014
Village Sound’s New ‘Production Music Library’ Is Launched!
January 14, 2014

Do you need original music on time and on budget?! With our brand new MUSIC LIBRARY, you’re just a few clicks away from fulfilling all of your music needs! We’ve been amassing some world-class cues over the years and now they’re all under one roof and catalogued for your convenience! Use our library’s ‘key words’ search engine to find high-quality original music that perfectly suits your production! Quickly and easily download cues and all associated stems for one low low price. Check It Out!

Here A Min, Theremin, Everywhere A Min Min
January 13, 2014

Margaret Atwood just SLAYIN’ it on the theremin.


“You know……it’s that spooky “wee oooh weeee ooooh” instrument in the Beach Boys ‘Good Vibrations’.

And so begins most people’s introduction to the early electronic musical instrument called the theremin. Even though that spooky “wee oooh weeee ooooh” instrument in “Good Vibrations” is ACTUALLY a tannerin (a tactile first-cousin to the theremin, SEE ABOVE) . Unlike the tannerin, the theremin makes music, void of human physical contact. (just like my life) Read more

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