Chelsea Muir

Born and raised in Halifax, Chelsea is a graduate of the Saint Mary’s University Bachelor of Arts program. She has held many creative and administrative positions, and comes to us with a film and television background in post-production coordination and operations management. Her desire to create is surpassed only by her passion for the Arts and Entertainment industry in Nova Scotia, and beyond! As a producer and coordinator, this new addition to the Village Sound team will provide the courtesy, priority, and professionalism to ensure your project is the best it can be, from request to delivery. She has contributed to a number of notable local and international film and television productions, including Weirdos, The Nature of Things, The Child Remains, Moblees, and Clay’s POV, accolade-based work, such The Canadian Screen Awards and Halifax’s own Atlantic Film Festival, as well as multiple nationwide advertising campaigns. When she’s not in the studio, Chelsea enjoys practicing calligraphy, writing poetry, taking photos, and cooking.